Inside and beyond binaries


13-16 July 2022  -  Ghent

Call for Papers and Colloquia



SS24 invites submissions for (1) standalone papers, (2) colloquia and (3) posters. For each category, we offer an on site variant, with participants attending in a meeting room in Ghent, and an online e-variant, which is recorded beforehand and discussed in an online session during the conference. On site presentations will be recorded and made available shortly after delivery. On site conference participants will be able to join online sessions using their laptop, tablet of even cell phone in a designated conference space equipped with WiFi access (e.g. eduroam). When submitting their abstracts, presenters select a category but not as yet the variant (online or on site).

  1. Standalone papers. Standalone papers are formal presentations on original research by one or more authors. On site, these papers last a total of 30 minutes (20 minutes for presentation and 10 minutes for discussion). The standalone papers will be organized in clusters of 4 presentations. In the online tracks, standalone papers will also be clustered, with live online discussion sessions of 45 minutes.

  2. Colloquia. Colloquia allow for extended discussion on a particular topic with a cluster of several papers and a joint discussion. The on site colloquia will be organized around larger time units, with up to 4 papers (incl. discussant) in one two-hour unit, up to 8 presentations in two units and max. 12 papers in three time units. The online colloquia will be organized in similar clusters, with live online discussion sessions of designated length during the conference. Colloquium convenors are invited to first submit a cover abstract stating the title of their colloquium, its theme, scope and intended sequence of presenters. In response, they will receive a colloquium registration number (code) which the individual colloquia contributors need to submit their presentation abstracts. We urge convenors to submit their cover abstract not later than two weeks before the abstract submission deadline.

  3. Posters. Poster sessions are for displaying research and offer an opportunity for individualized informal discussions. On site, they are a good format for presenting work-in-progress, fieldwork and results of empirical research when data presentation is visualised. A designated time slot will be included in the conference program to discuss the on site poster presentations in the exhibition area. For the online variant, posters are submitted before the start of the conference, accompanied by a voice-over presentation of max. 3 minutes. An opportunity for live online discussion will be provided. Detailed instructions about the format for the on-site and online exhibitions will be communicated after acceptance of the abstracts.


Papers for the invited colloquia will be submitted either by personal invitation or through a separate call issued by the convenor(s).


The submission of proposals for on site/online papers, colloquia and poster presentations opens on 10 May 2021. Proposals are submitted via the online conference tool.


Submission of all abstracts opens 10 May 2021
Submission of all abstracts closes on 25 October 2021
Notification of acceptance on 31 January 2022
Registration opens in early 2022


Submissions will be evaluated by the SS24 Scientific Committee in terms of quality of content, significance, originality, thematic relevance and quality of abstract presentation.


Individuals may submit only one abstract as the first author of a paper, a poster, or a presentation in a colloquium. In addition, an individual may have a role as a colloquium organizer, a discussant, or co-author/co-presenter of other papers or posters.

It is assumed that all proposals represent original and unpublished work that is not yet available to the research community.

Paper and poster presenters as well as colloquium organizers need to be registered as participants at the Symposium.

For practical reasons, the language of the conference is English. Other presentation languages are possible, but presenters are invited to provide slides/handouts in English. Presenters are encouraged to explore the use of multilingual modes of engagement. Abstracts are submitted in English.

The conference policy is that, in the case of on site attendance, papers are presented on the day and time assigned by the conference program committee. In the case of online attendance, a recording with the presentation is submitted ahead of the conference by a specified deadline.


When submitting a paper, you will be asked to select minimum 1 and maximum 3 topics. The SS24 topics are :

  1. Variationist sociolinguistics
  2. Interactional sociolinguistics
  3. Dialectology
  4. Historical sociolinguistics
  5. Linguistic landscape studies
  6. Critical sociolinguistics
  7. Discourse analysis, conversation analysis
  8. Linguistic ethnography
  9. Linguistic anthropology
  10. Language attitudes & ideologies
  11. Language policy
  12. Language contact, shift and change
  13. Bilingualism and multilingualism
  14. Code switching and translanguaging
  15. Translation and interpreting
  16. Language and education/ECEC
  17. Language acquisition
  18. Language and age
  19. Language and gender/sexuality
  20. Language and ethnicity/race
  21. Language and social class
  22. Language and commerce
  23. Language and health/welfare
  24. Language and the workplace
  25. Language and the media
  26. Language and religion
  27. Language and migration
  28. Language and power/equity
  29. Sociolinguistics of globalisation
  30. Sign language & Deaf Studies


Write your abstract in English. The title of your paper should be maximum 15 words. The total word count does not exceed 300 words. It does not include the title of the abstract, the authors, the affiliations.

Step by step guidance through the online submission procedure .

Submit your abstract (Fill out your personal data and go through the submission procedure. Your abstract is only submitted successfully when you receive an automatic reply confirming your submission.)

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